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Pain and loss of mobility are NOT a normal part of the aging process. In fact, research shows that we have the ability to restore lost mobility and improve alignment well beyond what we believe.

Our modern sedentary lifestyle has caused many of us to lose some specific range of motion in our major joints.

Start your wellness journey by exploring the tools and techniques to help you return to your optimal function.

A Focus on Maintaining & Restoring Wellness

Invest time and energy attending to your wellness now. It will reap dividends in the future.

When we find ease in our bodies, it ripples into our emotional, mental and spiritual lives.

The Benefits

Pain is NOT an ordinary part of life!

Pain is a sign that something is needs to be addressed.

Chronic pain and stiffness can be managed.

As long as we keep moving, our cells will continue to regenerate and can adapt and restore much of the strength, flexibility and range of motion of our younger years.

Reduce Pain

Connective tissue is a suspect in many nonspecific forms of chronic pain.

When we liberate the connective tissues in our bodies through movement it becomes less rigid, reducing pain and stiffness.

Regain Flexibility & Mobility

This in turn will increase your range of motion and flexibility. Improved flexibility allows for enhanced circulation throughout your body and helps alleviate problems due to poor posture.

Improve Conditioning & Strength

Overall fitness requires the muscles retain the range of motion requires to support the skeleton. Full body, functional movement helps to improve cardiovascular health, and blood flow to the muscles.

Develop Balance & Stability

When your muscles are in balance and your body is in structural alignment, your joints, muscles, and nerves can function well. With improved balance and stability, your day to day life and athletic ability will improve, and your risk of injury will be reduced.

Recover Alignment & Posture

Alignment is the key to optimal movement and pain relief. The skeleton is designed to support the entire body upright against gravity.

We can train our muscles to improve our posture and alignment.

Support Ease of Movement & Overall Wellness

Your body is made to move.

Restorative movement helps decrease fatigue and improves endurance in your everyday life and recreational activities.

You can reduce the risk or even reverse the effects of hypertension, non-insulin dependent diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis

A Focus On Everyday Functional Movement

An at-home option to support your work with other wellness and health practitioners to restore posture and well-being.

Restorative Movement could be the most important wellness practice you have never heard about...

Our Clients Say...

I think I can speak for the 20 senior ladies that take her class. WE LOVE IT. To stretch out our old bones and muscles really help. Some of the ladies talk about how their lower back or knees hurt, but learning how to properly stretch, bend and move really has helped us.
Deborah W.
Pam’s teaching is really making a difference in my pain levels and how I hold tension in my body. I’m so glad she is sharing these techniques, I never would have found it otherwise.
Kaleigh B.
I am more flexible and some of the pain I had been feeling is slowly decreasing. I strongly recommend this class to those seeking to improve their health.
Viola H.
I always feel great after every class! I recommend her class to anyone who wants to feel better, move more freely and relieve aches and pains. Thanks!
Dory M.
I have been on vacation in a small isolated town. Structured exercise options are nil. Have been feeling stiff & achy from lack of activity other than walking. Pam's class this morning was heaven sent. Have had much more energy today since class. I look forward to additional online classes. Thanks, Pam!
Pam W.
I’ve struggled with arthritis for some time now. It got so bad that I had a hard time going up and down stairs. After my first class, I noticed a great improvement in my mobility. Pam is amazing love this class!
Gloria W.

Get The Support You Need

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We are a team of wellness professionals who are committed to working together to provide access to tools to support you in taking charge of your health and wellness.


Our collection of services allows you to create your customized Wellness plan.


There is nothing more powerful than community to support change.


Frequently asked questions about Restorative Movement.

Wellness and fitness require activity as well as rest and rejuvenation. Learning how to listen to the wisdom of our bodies will improve our quality of life.

Restorative movement is recommended for any level of fitness. High-intensity exercise requires some recovery time for maximum benefit. Beginners will benefit from learning proper posture and techniques to ensure their fitness journey will not be cut short.

There is no one way to stay fit and healthy. Our bodies have unique characteristics that determine our optimal flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Each of us has our own specific ideal fitness routine and even that can change over time. Our bodies are constantly sending us clues to what that is but we typically ignore the messages.
Did you know that 80% of pain is caused by imbalances in the muscles, joints and connective tissue in our bodies?

Restorative movement with its focus on gentle movements to improved posture and alignment is the antidote to chronic pain caused by imbalances.

Restorative movement is designed to rebuild healthy alignment and mobility.


Our bodies are designed for movement but in a balanced way. Equal focus on effort and rest allows the body to do what it does best.

Professional athletes find that rest and recovery are critical to longevity and remaining injury free.

The right type of food, movement, and sleep are all important to maintaining the ability of our bodies to recover. The challenge for us is finding and sticking to those habits that support the body’s healing capacity.

Restorative movement is a critical step in supporting the body in repair and regeneration. Rest and relaxation are just as important as effort in maintaining a healthy body.