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Essentrics® is a scientifically designed, dynamic, full-body connective tissue workout that simultaneously stretches, strengthens and rebalances the muscles and joints of the entire body. In 20-60 minutes a day, you can be fit and pain-free for life.

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Essentrics® in Action

Take a peek at the behind-the-scenes of an EssentricsⓇ class.

Dynamic and easy to follow—this full body technique works through all of your muscle chains in order to liberate, empower and relieve tension in your body—making you feel more energetic and pain-free. 

Mind/Body Movement with Essentrics®

Attaching our mind to the movements of our body is an important part of the technique. The flow of EssentricsⓇ workouts provides the variety, challenge, and novelty to help maintain brain plasticity.

The good news is that an Essentrics® workout is just as good for your brain as it is for your body!

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When we find ease in our bodies, it ripples into our emotional, mental and spiritual lives.

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Essentrics® For Every Body with Pam is committed to providing a space where all of us can thrive with thoughtful and inclusive instruction in movement. It has been my passion to offer opportunities for those who've been underserved by the fitness industry. We provide fitness experiences for people of all walks of life.

Aging Backwards with Essentrics®

I wish I had known about Essentrics in my 20s. If I had I would not have experienced the pain and stiffness I had in my 40s. At 56 my body feels younger than it has in a couple of decades...

Essentrics® is a fitness modality that is accessible for everyone, from ages 9 to 90, and beyond.


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EssentricsⓇ is a functional fitness program that provides full-body maintenance for our entire lives. A dynamic and full-body, stretch and strengthening workout, it is accessible for women and men of all ages, body types and fitness levels.

Our technique is not similar to Yoga or Pilates; although certain “movements” can sometimes look similar, the purpose and benefits are much different.

Influenced by the flowing movements of tai chi, the strengthening theories behind ballet and the healing principles of physiotherapy.

What’s unique about our program: its purpose is to move the entire body (all 650 muscles and 360 joints).

This is a safe program that tones, shapes and rebalances the entire body.

As we age, if we don’t target and activate our muscles—we lose the cells within our muscles. Mobility and flexibility decrease and pain and stiffness set in.

EssentricsⓇ enables our body to remain ageless, strong, mobile, flexible and pain-free.

4 Responses

  1. I live at Deep Run Park and would like to be a part of the class. I saw it was on Mondays at 9:30 AM. Wil the class be held tomorrow 9/6?

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you for your interest in our class offerings. There is no class scheduled for tomorrow, Labor Day.

      Everyone must register with Henrico County Recreation and Parks to attend the in-person classes. You can also register at Deep Run, Belmont, or Eastern Henrico Recreation Center but the offices will be closed tomorrow.

  2. Pam is a wonderful Essentrics instructor who is patient, informative and caring. Essentrics is helpful for me physically because the slow movements activates the smaller (and larger) muscles to help build up strength while I can also limit the movements according to my physical capabilities. It’s also helpful for the brain through the practice of mind-body coordination. I’m grateful that my area Recreation Center is offering this class. Thank you Pam for your diligence and expertise.

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