Get Out Of Back Pain

An 8-day experience designed to transform your relationship with pain.

back pain diagnosis

Back pain is difficult to diagnose.

Statistics show that 85% of low back pain problems are considered nonspecific, meaning no medical cause can be identified.


Back pain can be managed.

Recent research indicates that connective tissue plays a significant role in nonspecific back pain cases.  The right type of therapies and movement can help release these tissues providing lasting relief.

You Can Manage Your Pain

A workshop to empower you

Join us for an 8-Day experience that will change the way you think about pain.

You will leave with:

  • An understanding of the role connective tissue plays in pain
  • Tips, Tools, and Techniques to reduce and even eliminate pain
  • Live online workshops/discussions on the topic of back pain
  • Live online classes focusing on relieving back pain.
  • Access to three practitioners who can help you create your individualized plan to get out of pain

This experience is ideal for people with chronic pain, rehabbing from an injury, or who want to be more active. 

Appropriate for all ages and experiences.

Our Team


Dave Carter lives in Goochland, Virginia with his family.

He is a Functional Manual Physical Therapist and owner of Hands On Physical Therapy LLC of Goochland.

Katia Sanon lives in Toronto, Canada. 

She is a Manual Osteopathic Therapist, Certified Athletic Therapist CATC, a L3 Certified Essentrics® Instructor, a certified Pilates instructor, and owner of Fleksyon.


Pam Thomas lives in Henrico, Virginia.

She is a Restorative Movement Practitioner, L4 Certified Essentrics® Instructor, and owner of Fiber of Life LLC, a business providing integrative wellness coaching and consulting.

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