Struggling with Chronic Pain that just won't quit?

You're in good company. The struggle with unseen pain is genuine and can be overwhelming.

Often, the culprit is fascial restrictions, a common yet overlooked source of persistent discomfort. Ready for insight into your pain?

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Have you tried to get help for chronic pain, only to hear “it’s not showing up on a test or scan, so there’s nothing we can do”?


My Clients Say...


I am Pam Thomas

Restorative movement has transformed my life.  My journey has been an ongoing search for integration and balance. I now understand that seeking balance through the mind is insufficient. 

We are more than our minds and our thoughts. Restorative movement stimulates the ideal conditions for our body’s natural healing capacity.

Movement is the antidote to an overactive mind that restores balance to our whole system.

Options For You

Self-Directed Courses

For those ready to transform their relationship to pain.

Morning Moves

Try these simple morning moves designed to help you start your day pain-free.


What's Included:

Self-directed on-demand restorative movement class


Posture and Alignment Assessment

Improve Your Posture, Transform Your Life...


What's Included:

Learn the benefits of good posture and alignment, and how it can positively impact all aspects of your life...

Includes: 30-minute session with Pam to explore strategies to improve your posture.
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Our team of experienced wellness professionals has carefully curated a series of courses designed to empower you with knowledge and tools to effectively your manage your chronic pain. Discover the body’s innate healing mechanisms and harness its remarkable ability to alleviate pain. Through a combination of theoretical understanding and practical techniques, you will gain the confidence and skills to take control of your pain and reclaim your overall well-being.

Fascia & Wellbeing

Discover the Power of Fascia for Optimal Health and Wellness


What's Included:

The course that will introduce you to the fascia system and how it affects your health, pain, and movement.


Back Pain Basics

How to Beat Back Pain and Get Your Life Back


What's Included:

You have the power to take control of your back pain. This mini-course introduces simple yet effective techniques that will empower you to manage and alleviate your pain.


Active Recovery Fundamentals

Learn the importance of recovery for injury and pain prevention.


What's Included:

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a fitness enthusiast, incorporating active recovery into your routine is essential for maximizing your performance and achieving your fitness goals.


“restorative movement is probably the most important wellness practice that you have never heard of...”

Posture, Imbalances, and Pain

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Why Work With Me

Experiential Learning

A process that keeps clients actively engaged in learning creates a deeper understanding and supports permanent transformation.

Practical & Effective Solutions

A focus on simple, practical solutions offers a more sustainable trajectory for change which leads to long-term benefits and can have a wider impact.

Customized Programs

The path to wellness is as unique as each individual. Find the support you need to navigate your path.

Pamela J Thomas

Your Pain-Free Life

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