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Pamela J Thomas

A Little Bit About Me

An ongoing struggle with digestive issues since puberty has led me on a nearly life-long journey to find health-enhancing lifestyle choices. I am in what, at times, seems to be an elusive search for the tools that allow me to feel and look my best. From a young age, it was clear to me that my health was in my own hands.

My Approach

Wellness, in my opinion, is an ongoing process of integration within the individual. In a culture that values mind over body, embracing the wisdom and rhythms of our bodies is a transformative experience. My work with clients empowers them to cultivate body awareness and use the wisdom of the body to create a more balanced life.

My passion is to help Others Take Charge of their health and Wellness and create the life of their dreams.

Areas Of Specialty

Navigating Change

It is impossible to transform our lives without exploring the unknown. It is easier and more joyful to create change with the support of others.

Personal Empowerment

No one knows more about my health than me. The same applies to each of us. This understanding can transform our relationship with the world and with ourselves.


Health and energy are connected to our mindset. Some folks are seeking happiness, but true joy comes from peace of mind and knowing oneself.

Movement As Medicine

Your body is designed to move. The definition of medicine really includes all things that support the maintenance of health and the cures for dis-ease. The right type of movement is critical for health.

Holistic Perspective

True wellness encompasses all aspects of our lives. Every choice has an impact on the whole. When we listen to and are guided by our inner compass balance can be restored.

Transforming Pain

While we navigate this world, pain cannot be avoided, however, it can be a catalyst for a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world.



I have always been an active person. I was the girl who did ballet and gymnastics and also played on the baseball team with the boys.

 I always tell people, “I have tried just about everything.” From kickboxing to kettlebells, movement has been part of my health maintenance toolbox, even when I didn’t know I needed one.

I was introduced to yoga 50 years ago when my mother discovered the practice as a helpful tool for stress management. I thought it looked cool and wanted to try it.

Although my asana practice has ebbed and flowed over the years, meditation and other mindfulness practices are a part of my daily rhythm. Yoga has been a constant presence in my life through the introspection and insight my experiences have provided.


My years of exploring practices to optimize my well-being have allowed me to experience many techniques. These are ones I  have explored more deeply so that I can share them with others.


Growing up with a father who was a doctor, I have always had a deep interest in health and well-being as well as access to cutting-edge information. I remember discussing and reading a lot of things, that have stuck with me through the years.

Some of the lessons I learned…

  • What I know for sure is that everybody is unique and has their own specific needs for optimal health. There is no “one size fits all” solution. There isn’t even a single answer for my own life. Different seasons of my life have required different choices.

  • My father was a beloved and great doctor, but I always understood that his ability to help others was enhanced by his authentic interest in hearing and seeing people.

  • I wish I had understood the benefits of restorative movement in my 20’s. I would not have experienced what i did in my 40s.
Life Experience

My Own Journey To Self Discovery

The first signs of chronic pain surfaced in my late 30s/early 40s. Initially, little aches and pains became part of my morning routine. It would take a hot shower and moving around for an hour or so for the pain to dissipate. Over the next few years, the pain intensified and stayed with me longer during the day. I noticed that I was moving more slowly up and down the stairs and in many other daily activities. I felt young mentally but my body felt like it was slowing down.

For me, restorative movement consistently reduces my pain when I use it regularly. I do at least 15 minutes just about every day. If I forget by the 3rd day the aches begin to remind me that I need to get back to my routine. Even when I injure myself this gentle, full-body, pain-free movement speeds recovery by stimulating blood flow and preventing the congealing of connective tissue.

Personally, I feel as if I am working backward through my old injuries on my journey, healing the scar tissue cell by cell. This typically has a pattern. First, the old pain resurfaces. Then I try to ignore it for a while. Once I decide to adjust and work in the pain-free zone within a short period of time the pain disappears and my range of motion improves. 

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