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I love what I do, teaching restorative movement. I’m consistently amazed at how the simplest change in our day-to-day movements can make a huge difference in how our body feels. As we move it is important to direct our attention to what is happening in our bodies.REl

One of the most difficult things for me to teach is how to move while relaxed. As I say in class, most of us walk around in a permanent state of tension, unaware of the muscles that were using. We really only need to contract certain muscles to walk or to drive or whatever we’re doing. But most of us are permanently contracted in our backs or in our necks and shoulders and haven’t figured out how to recruit the correct muscles for the movements that we’re trying to do.

Typically new participants in my classes are so accustomed to associating movement with intensity, contractions and stiffness that it takes it takes at least three classes for them to start to get a sense of the rhythm of our classes.

Body awareness plays an important role in our ability to find balance, remain pain-free, protect our joints and maintain optimal mobility.

In class, we begin the warm up by moving in a relaxed manner, “like a rag doll.” This allows the nervous system to down regulate and blood to flow more freely, warming the body up quickly.

When we start to move with intention and with the purpose of finding the most efficient way to move all of a sudden the quality of our movements changes drastically. We feel more ease in our body because we’re not working so hard to move we’re working well not working hard. And the most amazing thing is that the pains go away.

In a world where quick fixes and instant relief are often sought after, it’s essential to embrace a more reflective and holistic approach to chronic pain management. Our team is excited to work with you so, together, we can lay the foundation for long-lasting relief and a healthier, pain-free life.

So, join us at RESTORE, and together, armed with self-awareness and professional guidance, we can begin to chart your journey. Our team is committed to your well-being. Remember, the power to relieve chronic pain lies within your hands.



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